Why American blown?



We belive in supporting american glass blowers for creative and quality pieces. our artists really love what they do!


A memorial pendant made by William Herrera owner of      Narbles Glass.


Alex, one of the owners here at Alley Cat Glass, has been glass blowing for several years and has found a passion for the craft and the pieces made by it. Both owners have had passion and been involved in all kinds of arts aside from glass blowing as well. We are here to share that same passion for arts and bring handmade items right to you. Thanks to speaking with our artists personally we can have any kind of custom order you can imagine brought to life. Contact Alex or Alyson for more details or check out the link to our online shop on the front page. 



We hope the pieces we collect and create can bring you some kind of joy in your life. From memorial pieces to having a pipe made custom of your favorite cartoon characters we hope to spread creativity and happiness with our services.