Alley Cat Glass Inc.

What We Do

We collect handmade glass pieces from all across America. We talk to all of our artist personally, and with that we can make many types of custom pipes, pendants, and other jewelry! We even do more then just glass! Come check us out. We will be at several events coming up! Check out our event schedule! 

 We've hit the road! Event schedule coming soon! 

Pre-made or custom-made pendants made by some of our favorite American glass blowers. 

Pipes and water pipes! Our artists favor crushed opals and can make almost any pipe you can imagine. 

Blown in America and made by hand these earrings have charmed many each time I wear my own set! We also have other jewelry with hand braided necklaces or bracelets.

We are a couple local to Wood River Illinois who have a passion for art and glass blowing! We like to support glass blowers and other types of artists local and all over America. If you are a glass blower or an artist, get a hold of me at or at Thanks for your support!

Made by Jay Littleton in Eugene, Oregon.

 Made by William Herrera in Arkansas. 

Made by Ryley Rasmussen in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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